Why ON9LA1?

I first started blogging in July 2005 on Friendster. Back then, the intention was to document my travel journals, diaries and photos from places I visited as an attempt to document my life as a young adult.

Eventually I moved out of Friendster when more and more of my colleagues started becoming my contacts on Friendster (I was already blogging about things apart from my travels then). In my attempt to separate personal and work, I started "maemee" in March 2006 on Blogger. If you're wondering why "maemee", it is because the name holds meaningful memories of me growing up cos' that was how my grandfather calls me.

Then came a new chapter in my life when I got married in 2009. When Hb and I got married, our union was referred to as the union of OngLai cos' my husband's surname is Ong and mine is Lai. Apart for its meaning of pineapple in Hokkien, OngLai also means prosperity comes! And when we replaced the last alphabets in our surnames with numbers, OngLai became ON9LA1 and 9-1 (9-Jan) is also our wedding anniversary!

That is why this blog is now called Mrs. ON9LA1! An avenue for me to document my life on things that matters as well things that are of interests to me. :)


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