The Beginning

I first started blogging in July 2005 on Friendster. Back then, the intention was to document my travel journals, diaries and photos from places I visited to update my friends and family on my adventures.

Eventually I moved out of Friendster when more and more of my colleagues started becoming my contacts on Friendster (I was already blogging about things apart from my travels then). In my attempt to separate personal and work, I started "maemee" in March 2006 on Blogger.

Then one fine day, I was called into my boss' room. He mentioned that a group of people from our business competitors were following my blog and though he doesn't know what I write about, he advised me to be careful. And so, out of impulse, I deleted "maemee" and blogged under "maemeemee" before moving to [v] avenue.

After a while, I realised that I do like to write and I missed my identity "maemee" thus on January 2007, I resume blogging under "maemee" and perfected all the 'flaws' in the blog template I downloaded from Blogskins. What you see here today is the result of hardwork and determination as I have absolutely zero knowledge on HTML etc (I'm a marketing graduate you see) and had to modify the scripts line by line via trial and error in order to make my desired changes.

If you're wondering why "maemee"... it is because this name holds a very special meaning in my life. When I was younger, my 'gong gong' or grandfather calls me "maemee" cos that's how my name sounds in 'teochew' dialect. But now that he's no longer around, nobody calls me by that name anymore and I truly miss it.

Needless to say, I also miss my dear 'gong gong' very much (mother's side). Every year without fail, we will visit his grave to pay our respect after we cleaned my grandfather's grave (father's side). And everytime without fail, I would be choked with emotions when I'm kneeling in front of his grave. There's just so much that I wanted to share with him, so much that I wanted him to know of... that his little "maemee" has now grown into a woman with her own share of failure, success, disappointment and happiness as she journeys through adulthood.

So yes... this blog is dedicated to my dear 'gong gong' - Mr. Tay Ngak Peow who will forever have a special place in my heart.

And apart from that, this blog will also serve as an avenue to:
  • Update my friends and family on my latest development
  • Solicit feedback from readers on things that are happening in my life
  • Be a self-realisation tool as looking back at my earlier entries, I realised that things I felt upset about then were actually not as bad as they seemed and sometimes I realised I over-reacted unnecessarily
  • Release tensions, frustrations, disappointments etc by 'bitching' out loud :)

Thus, with so many plus points to keeping a blog, I shall (re)join the big world of blogosphere with my identity... "maemee".


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