Late Twenties

Aiyorrr... it's been ages since I last updated this blog of mine man... Can't help it cos I've got new hobbies now... watching Hong Kong TVB dramas... hehehehe...

So anyway, lots have happened since the last update...

But lets' talk about today... It's my BIRTHDAY! Then again, the feeling's kinda weird. I used to look forward to my birthday and even silently countdown or casually leave hints to my bf and friends... But ever since I hit 27... I somewhat stopped counting...

This year I'm 29. The last year of me being in my twenties! Next year I'll hit the BIG THREE OH already!!!

So while I really want to just stay low key about it, my birthday was kinda mentioned numerous times this week... Everytime someone talks about my birthday, I cringe in fear... Cos the next question will always be: "So how old are you ar?"

Sigh... I'm old lor... late twenties di... hehehehe...

But I would like to sincerely thank all my friends and colleagues who celebrated my last twenties birthday with me! Thank you all from the bottom of my heart. :)

Some pix from the various lunches, dinners and karaoke that I had:

My team mates bought me a cake!

My existing and ex team mates as well as my favourite agency-turned-friend who celebrated my birthday at 789!

Karaoke sessions with my boss, ex-agency friends and our radio partner-cum-friends at Neway!

Not to mention the rest of the lunches, presents and flowers too. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart! :)


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