First National Award

Last Friday, I was invited to the MSA dinner at One World Hotel after work cos a few of my campaigns were submitted. At that time, all I knew was that the MSA Award night is a "Kanchil" equivalent for the media industry.

About MSA Awards:
The Media Specialists Association (MSA) Malaysian Media Awards are open to all parties involved in the use of media for advertising purposes such as MSA members, media specialists, advertising agencies and advertisers.

The entries submitted to MSA go through a strict and rigorous judging process by a team of leading marketers/advertisers and media specialists, media owners and ad agency heads. Judging scores were based on the following criteria:
  • The Strategic Communication Solution (40%)
  • The Role of the Selected Media (20%)
  • The Use of Creative Materials (20%)
  • The Key Results (20%)

The categories (awarded in Gold, Silver and Bronze places), are as follows:

  • Best Use of Television
  • Best Use of Sponsorship
  • Best Use of Newspapers
  • Best Use of Out of Home Media
  • Best Use of Magazines
  • Best Use of a Small Budget (under RM100,000)
  • Best Use of Radio
  • Best Integrated Media Campaign
  • Best Use of Digital (online/ interactive/mobile)

Special awards:

  • Grand Prix (best overall entry)
  • Agency of the Year
  • Advertiser of the Year

So anyway, back to the dinner. The award night started out just a like wedding dinner... with food presentation and all. Then while we were eating a 10-course meal, there was this talentime contest amongst the many agencies called: "Media Got Talent" where the winner walked away with RM5K in cash!

Thereafter, it was the prize announcement and presentation. I was rather busy eating... scallops and asparagus dish when the announcement came unexpectedly... my campaign was awarded GOLD in the "Best Use of Radio" category!!! In a spur of blurry moment, I found myself on stage, unable to smile (cos of the stupid braces). Never have I felt so scared before in my life... on stage in front of close to 1,000 crowd!

After that, my hand shook non-stop and my heartbeats went wild! Just when I thought I've recovered from the initial shock, the announcement for the Grand Prix Award came. This award is like the Best of the Best Award, the overall winner for night across all categories... Never really thought of winning the Grand Prix Award cos' there were a lot of other reputable brands competing but surprise surprise... My project WON amongst 236 entries nationwide!!!

So this time, I was also dragged on stage and was made to stand there for the longest time ever while confetti showering at the end... Honestly, it was such an exhilarating experience. Never before in my life... Felt so proud that my project won... and best of all, our company has never won such awards before... Teeheee... :)

Update: I even appeared in Financial Daily (June 16, 2008) but just one of the photos la...


June 19, 2008 at 10:49 PM David said...

well well well vic... what can i say??? surprise surprise... guez u deserve it... since u have kinda "no life" life... heheheheee... eh u representing ur company go take the award ar??? super kewl leh... i think i miss something... ouw ouw yea... CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!

ok u got power, u got the moolah, ur career is almost on the top... what's missing? own F.A.M.I.L.Y... when u're gonna be fruitful and multiply??? hehe... once again... congrats!!! =)

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