Almanac Magic?

Wedding preparation is really not as easy as it seemed. It's been close to 2 months since Alan proposed. And yet, I've only got one checked item on my looooong list of to-do so far; the engagement ring! And yes... we're still stuck at the wedding dates selection stage...

Registration of Marriage
  • 1st choice = 16-Jan but the conflicting animal sign for the day is both my father and Alan's father's animal sign!!!
  • 2nd choice = 9-Jan but the conflicting animal sign for the day is Alan's mom's animal sign!!!

Actual Chinese Wedding Ceremony Date

  • 1st choice = 13-Dec (which is a Chor 27) but Alan's mom said we should avoid having anything significant held on Chor 3, 7, 17 or 27!
  • 2nd choice = 6-Dec seemed ok at first but then the conflicting animal sign for the day is again both my father and Alan's father's animal sign!!!

To be honest, we're confused and lost. For one, the dates were provided by a so-called professional (Kok Chong Ming) where the groom, bride and both side's parents date of birth were given. If the above were really not good, then why give us those dates in the first place?

Plus, this is supposed to be our wedding (Alan and I)... do we then look at our own date of birth? If yes then why do we have to submit our parents date of birth then???

Both our parents said that they're OK with our choice but they somewhat hinted that the dates shouldn't be conflicting with anyone of us (us and our parents of course)... So now, out of sheer desperation, Alan is going to ask his mom to look at the Chinese almanac to pick us suitable dates cos there's a million and one things to do but without firm dates, we can't move at all...



October 6, 2008 at 6:23 PM Colin T. said...

too many numbers leh. just tell us when is the date liao. that number is important for us to book our calendars and it's only important for the 2 of to reflect what it should reflect to the both of you =)

October 9, 2008 at 2:24 AM nutdave said...

whoaaa.... these are really confusing... what conflict with what... and when i thought OSI layers are confusing!!! LoL... i'm so glad my gf's family is not into this traditional chinese thingy... hmmm... lemme guess... Alan's family is Hokkien?

Ouw yea... my best friend got married not too long ago and he share this with me. "Hire a wedding planner!!! If you think preparation is all the hassle... think again. The real nightmare happened on the BIG day itself. Not to mention Murphy Law aye?"

I believe you can afford a wedding planner bah, so better hire one, don't regret on that big day.

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