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Although the new template I used a couple of days ago looked nice, the template was rather rigid. I can't seemed to place my comment box and all the other navigation links that I have at the side properly.

Thus I decided to perfect the original template I had which has this 1 flaw. The very flaw that prompted me to change the template in the first place. Hidden older posts! If I were to click on "Ramblings" category for instance... it may only show 10 out of the 20 posts (cos' there is a limit to the number of posts on page) - leaving the rest of the posts "hidden".

So after many hours on Google, I finally found what I wanted to perfect the original template. The page navigation!

Page numbers are now shown at the top of the page (simply because I couldn't figure out how to make it appear at the bottom, it kept "floating" in the middle of the page at best and at worst all over the page)... Nevertheless, I've also added a "Back to Top" link at the bottom of the posts... to link back to the page numbers at the top.

And guess what? I just spent another 4 hours on this (no wonder my back hurts)! But time flies when one's having fun... Now that this template is "complete" (for now)... It's time for me to ZZZzzz... :)

I've also added a search box that will search all posts within my blog... yay!


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