Today I went back for my 9th ortho review and this time, I went with my brother cos' he wanted to get a scaling done...

First thing Dr. How asked was "Your boyfriend is not here today?" and I said... "Husband..." much to his surprise and he went "Ohhh, married already? When???"... hehehe... It's been over a month that we're both legally married but the word "husband" from me or "wife" from OWLoon still send us grinning like silly fools... anyway I digressed...

Back to the session. All was fine and as usual he changed the wires and the rubber loops. But this time round he said that he wanted to "open up" the teeth on my bottom jaw and I was told to bear with the gaps... As of now, there are already gaps as wide as 2mm... in between my teeth... so I can't imagine how much wider the gap will be but oh well... since it's beyond my control, I might as well just accept it... :(

16-03-2008: $1,100 [Deposit, X-Rays, Photos & Moulding]
30-03-2008: $ 870 [Deposit & Upper Braces Fitting]
20-04-2008: $ 423 [Extraction & Medication]
18-05-2008: $ 325 [Wire Change]
17-08-2008: $ 325 [Bottom Braces Fitting]
14-09-2008: $ 764 [Extraction, Frenectomy & Medication]
25-10-2008: $ 385 [Wire Change & Scaling]
23-11-2008: $ 385 [Wire Change & Rubber Loops Change & Scaling]
24-12-2008: $ 325 [Wire Change & Rubber Loops Change]
24-01-2009: $ 325 [Wire Change & Rubber Loops Change]
21-02-2009: $ 325 [Wire Change & Rubber Loops Change]

YTD Spent: $5,552.00

Sigh... really can't wait to remove my braces!!!


February 22, 2009 at 8:54 AM hyperX said...

I'm new to your blog. What are you actually doing? Why need so much money?

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