Favourite Supper Place

The best part bout being registered is the fact that OWLoon and I can now officially stay the night wherever we choose to. You may think that at this age and era, staying together is a common thing but not to OWLoon and I cos' our families (particularly mine) are rather conservative.

Off late, I found myself going back to OWLoon's hometown a lot more often. Just 2 years ago... I could count with 1 hand on the number of times I go back for a meal with the parents... now, I'm there like nearly every weekend or so...

Maybe it's a psychological thing... but ever since OWLoon and I got registered, I found myself liking his hometown a bit more... and each stay leaves me feeling contended and happy...

Today, I will introduce you to my favourite supper place called Kedai Steamboat Kampung owned by a man called Ah Zhui. The restaurant is located in Jalan Pasir Penampang (right after the traffic light). Tho' they're more well known for their steamboats, OWLoon and I like it for their supper food... One of their famous dishes here is the "Kueh Ka Tau Lin" or Peanut Chicken Feet:

And each time OWLoon and I go there for our supper, we'll make sure we order this other 2 dishes along with the chicken feet; "Nai Sa Sotong Kia" and "Chee Cheong Fun":

This place is perfect for supper while enjoying a drink or two with friends or loved ones...cos the owner (Ah Zhui) recently installed a row of little Japanese huts where one could sit with feet dangling in a lighted "hole" under the table...

Kitchen closes at 1am sharp thus be sure to order before then... Thereafter, you can enjoy your food and drinks for as long as you like... :)


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