Free Quarter

Visited my dentist today. It's time to get my Invisalign aligner no. 4 to 6. Dentist asked me how was it and I told him that it was OK. As a matter of fact, I almost did not experience any pain! Almost cos' there was a time I had a bad ulcer at the back of my tongue which caused difficulty in swallowing and ulcer on my "lelangit" where when the aligner was snapped on, I screamed out in pain automatically. But then despite the walk-in-the-park experience, I also told him that I personally did not notice any movement.

So he did a quick check and told me that my bite is no longer too deep. Then he proceeded to ask me to snap on my aligner no. 3 for him to check. I was half worried of him sounding me for the cleanliness of my aligner (had lunch and didn't brush before snapping it back on) but to my surprise he exclaimed "GOOD! VERY GOOD!", you are wearing it correctly!

With that he proceeded to supply me with not 3 but 6 aligners and that meant I'll be dentist free for 12 weeks!!! My next appointment is a quarter away on 6th October!!! Yippieeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! And this time round he told me that by the time I come back for my next appointment, there'd be noticeable difference!

Let's take a look at this loooooong journey of mine towards achieving a beautiful smile!

Round 1: 30-03-2008 - 07-09-2009 (526 days); Pre-wedding Braces
Round 2: 26-05-2010 - 24-04-2011 (333 days); Post-wedding Braces
Round 3: 31-05-2011 onwards (49 days); Invisalign

25-04-2011: $   140 Temporary retainer, Polident x 2 & casing
31-05-2011: $   272 Top wisdom tooth extraction x 2
31-05-2011: $5,985 Invisalign!

YTD Spent:
$8,421 on Round 1 and 2
$6,397 on Round 3
$14,818 on all rounds over a period of 908 days i.e. over 2 years or $16 per day! I must be mad la!


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