Study Room | Part 1

Hb and I finally decided to do up our study room after over 8 months of moving in. Hehehehe... So on 5-August-2013, we went to Ikea to get the following items:

Shelving unit from the Expedit series to store books, magazines and files. We initially wanted to get the 5x5 one but that only comes in normal paint and not high gloss. Fearing that it may turn yellowish over time, we decided to get the 4x4 one instead in high gloss White. Oh for a moment, we were even considering the high gloss Red one given that our study room is located in the South sector i.e. Fire element. But then we thought it was a tad too outstanding and may look overbearing once we put in our red carpet. So in the end, we went back to our initial choice.

We also bought the matching table from the same series. Colour wise it was either White or Black-Brown. We have a corner showcase unit in our study room that houses paraphernalias that we bought back overseas or collected over the years and that showcase is in Black-Brown. Therefore, Black-Brown it is for the attaching table.

Next, we also bought the 2x4 shelving unit to be placed horizontally for our printer and audio system.

Carpet wise, we took the carpet from our master bedroom; also from Ikea cos my mom gave us several larger carpets and one of them matches our master bedroom. Not forgetting, red's the colour we need for the study room in the South sector.

We could've paid Ikea for the delivery and installation / assembly but HB insisted that it will be a piece of cake (wife is skeptical of course, hahaha) and proceeded to try and load all the above into our car. Thank goodness they all fit.

Next up... how they all fit together in the study room... :)


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