iPhone Apps

This is a test post from my new iPhone 3G. Spent USD1.99 buying Blog Writer earlier but the photos are too big and can't be aligned to the center. Then spent another USD2.99 buying BlogPress that can align photos, create labels and more...

So anyway... OWLoon bought me this phone last Sunday when he signed up for an iValue plan. I was rather surprised cos ahem, he thinks I spent too much on gadgets yearly. But he said he knew I wanted this phone badly so it's an early birthday present for me! :)

Since he was so sweet... I decided to get him one too. So happens my company was offering this phone to employees at a special price.

Tho' nett nett, it seemed as if I got the phone myself and he got the phone himself, it is the thoughts that count! Besides, it'll be a nice surprise! Hehe... :)


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