Urban Walker

OWLoon's sister successfully delivered a baby boy on 22-May-09. And of all the things in the world, she said she wanted a baby stroller. Thus, OWLoon and I went to Sunway Pyramid and walked around like blind bats until we found the information counter.

It didn't occur to us that there are so many different types of strollers with so many different functionalities! We shortlisted 2 different brands; Combi and Graco cos they have some of the lightest models around. But of course, good things come at a price! All the models from both the brands cost over a thousand!!!

In the end, we selected an Orange Combi Urban Walker UR200X which cost RM1,199.

Both OWLoon and I listened earnestly when the salesperson explained the functionalities of the stroller. An hour later, OWLoon performed a demo on how to open and close the stroller while I did the demo on the rest of the functions to his sister and brother-in-law! Thank god it went well... Hehehe... :)


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