Hello My Name Is...

We recently had a huge re-org at work. Today was the first team meeting with a mixture of newbies and oldbies and one of the agenda was to share a little bit more about ourselves in a show and tell manner... Mine was as follows:

About Me
If I were to describe myself, I'd say that I'm a family-oriented person. Of all the things in the world, I cherish my family more than anything and they are of utmost importance in terms of priority... And when it comes to the biggest milestone in my life, it has got to be me getting married at the end of the year...

I am a gadget lover. From PDAs to Digital Cameras to Mobile Phones, I have them all and are frequently changing them... I also love surfing... I read blogs online, research online and spend the bulk of my time online... But beyond Internet, I also love to read. Stuff that I read ranges from mystery to science fiction to horror stories to self help books to etc etc... And I am an avid believer of "feng shui". To me, for something to be passed on from so many centuries ago, it has got to have some form of truth in it... And finally, I like to travel cos it's the simplest and fastest way to learn more about the diversity of culture, heritage and history from the different parts of the world.

My favourite pass time has got to be sleeping. I love taking naps... but then of course, I also enjoy hanging out... having a drink or two (preferably alcoholic la...). And when I'm not ZZZzzz-ing and "lepak-ing", I spend my time blogging cos to me blogging about key events of one's life is a great way to reflect upon one's life later on... I also love watching TV... I am like "Homer Simpson"... a couch potato and my favourites are of course TVB dramas...

When forced to exercise, the only form of sport I like is swimming cos I dislike sweating... and swimming's the only activity that doesn't make you sweat like a pig (even if you do, because you're in the water, you just don't feel it)... And the other form of exercise that I do is of course Yoga given that I can't run very fast nor jump very high... hehehe...

Stuff that others may or may not know about me include... Shopping. I shop like a man. I go into shopping malls with specific idea(s) as to what I'm looking for and I walk straight into the shop / boutique that sells it to get it. Shoes. Unlike your typical women... I don't see the need to spend on shoes. Sure I have a good pair of every category available like Sports shoes, high heels, work shoes, weekend shoes, winter boots etc but beyond that I don't fancy buying shoes. So long as I have a good pair for every occasion, I'm contended.

Dress / Skirt. I don't like wearing dresses or skirts. It's not like I don't look good in them, I just don't like wearing them. The only occasion you'll catch me in one would be weddings, corporate dinners or other formal occasions that require so. Cooking. I can't cook for nuts. I can't even cook eggs without burning them though it is something I would like to master in the near future.

So there you go. A bit more about myself... :)


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