Aug 17, 2009... Met up with the V.i.d.e.o.g.r.a.p.h.e.r from H.o.t C.h.o.c.o.l.a.t.e R.e.e.l.s today over lunch... to discuss the details of the package as well as to pay the deposit to secure him for our wedding dates...

Itinerary as follows...

1. (Nov 29, 2009) Bride's Side
... 07.00pm - 11.00pm = Wedding Dinner in Kuala Lumpur (KL)

2. (Dec 06, 2009) Both Bride & Groom's Sides
... 08.00am - 09.30am = Groom to travel from Kuala Selangor to Kuala Lumpur
... 09.30am - 10.00am = Tea ceremony at Bride's house
... 10.00am - 11.30am = Bride & Groom to travel back from KL to KS
... 11.30am - 12.00pm = Tea ceremony at Groom's house
... 12.00pm - 12.30pm = Ceremony at Bride & Groom's wedding room

3. (Dec 06, 2009) Groom's Side
... 07.00pm - 11.00pm = Wedding Dinner in Kuala Selangor (KS)

Referring the above itinerary... timing's very tight as we need to be back at KS by 11.30am... (1) Cos we need to adhere to the timing provided by K.o.k C.h.o.n.g M.i.n.g... (2) Cos for the V.i.d.e.o.g.r.a.p.h.e.r to complete the fast edit MTV in time for dinner in KS, he needs to start editing no later than 1pm... So that means... no "jimui / hengtai" games at the door... (both our parents reminded us on this)... "kat si" i.e. auspicious timing is of utmost priority here...

Package includes the following:

Fast Edit MTV
Duration of ~ 2 songs containing snippets from item 1 and 2 for Bride's copy and item 2 and 3 for Groom's copy. The Bride's copy will be shown during the wedding dinner in KS.

Full MTV (Morning)
Duration of ~ 20min containing snippets of Groom's journey to Bride's house as well as the tea ceremony at both parties houses...

Full MTV (Dinner)
Duration of ~ 90min containing everything about the dinner... We'll have 2 separate ones here... 1 for the Bride's family and the other for the Groom's family...

All the above DVD will have a custom-designed cover with our photo... sample below:

Some important terms agreed upon:
  • Shoots to be based on LCD / Plasma Flat Screen mode
  • A location with power point for the V.i.d.e.o.g.r.a.p.h.e.r to do fast editing no later than 1.00pm on Dec 06, 2009
  • Transportation fee of RM200.00 to KS to be waived...

With that, I paid a deposit of RM600.00... the balance of RM2,600 to be paid on the actual wedding day... It was a packaged price of RM3,200.00...


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