2012 Resolutions

This year, I've nailed down 3 key areas to really focus on. Some say that resolutions are meant to be broken but personally, what's not on paper's not counted and what's explicitly expressed do have a higher chance of becoming reality... "The Secrets" you know. So here are my 2012 resolutions:

Continue savings of 40%
Reduce expensive habits

First half of the year as I was transitioning between my old and new job, I found myself perpetually stress and along the way developed expensive shopping habits. Truth be told, I busted 25K on LV within several months, bought more than 5K worth of beauty products and facial treatments. Spent 6K in changing my braces to Invisalign. Bought an iPad, Samsung Galaxy Tab, iPad 2 AND the recently launched iPhone 4S.

Second half of the year, I suddenly came to my senses after paying 4 to 5 digit credit card payments monthly! Instead of spending crazily on branded and luxury items, I now save up 40-50% of my nett income. The single biggest motivation to do so is to save up for our double storey that will be completed in August this year! Might as well spend on building our dream home than for "syiok sendiri" moments.

Stop unnecessary dreams
Pursue career wholeheartedly

The first 10 years of my career game plan was very clear and rigid. Eventually, at the age of 30, I finally achieved what I set out to do. Took me 10 long years and a truckload of sweat and tears but it was all worth it and handsomely rewarding. Then came my marriage at 30. All's fine and dandy but since then, I found myself in a limbo.

Should I set aggressive targets for myself as before and aim to rise further up the corporate rank? Or should I shift my focus towards becoming a family woman. Perhaps I should stop working or how about starting something small on my own or with Hb so that I can have more time for my family and loved ones?

I have been in a limbo for close to a year. Then came the opportunity for a career change that came along with greater monetary and compensation which I took up after spending 10.75 years in my previous company. It was a huge step for me. However, with the kind of pay and rank I command, the expectations were also a lot greater.

I need to be focused 100% in order to achieve what I've planned for the company. I can't be stuck in this crazy limbo state no more. As such, I will give myself another year of crazy aggressive demanding workload. I can be quite a workaholic but also have a tendency to procrastinate with unnecessary thoughts in my head.

So ya. Enough of dilly dallying, enough of wondering which direction to take when it comes to my career. I should just charge ahead!!! Just 12 more months to go. Then regardless of which route I take, I would have already gathered enough highlights to boost my professional profile for future usage.

Begin next phase of life
Look after health

I am a smoker, a hard core one who smokes a pack in 24 hours for the past 12 years. Is it damaging? Am certain it is. But why am I smoking still? Stress? Habit? What? To be honest, I'm not exactly sure.

But all I know is that, if Hb and I are serious about expanding our little family unit, then we need to know what to do and be committed to it i.e. quit smoking and drink lesser.

I also hate to take vitamins, supplements or any form of liquid 'goodies' like Yomeishu / Dom. But for the past 6 months, I have been diligently popping Folic Acid in preparing my body for pregnancy. On top of that, I've also started taking Yomeishu.

So ya, those are my 3 areas of top priorities which I absolutely need to achieve in order to move on to the next phase of my life. May I have the strengths both physically and mentally to achieve them. As my best friend always say: I CAN, I WILL AND I AM GOING TO ACHIEVE THEM ALL!!! This shall be my new mantra for 2012! YAY!!!


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