Bun in the Oven?

Despite fear, went ahead to see Dr. Edmund Lai at PMC, Cheras on 3-July. It was day 13 and I was still bleeding. Upon pap smear, as expected there was a black shadow. But thank god he said it was a polyp. Was imagining it to be worst! Thereafter, was told to then produce a urine sample.

Hb and I were discussing options with regards to the polyp. Was given 2 options. Either I take medication to let it reduce in size and fall out itself or I go for a surgery to remove it just like the previous time back in 2009. The first one is painless but it may take ages and there's no guarantee that it will work. Thus we are only left with the second option. The size of the polyp this time round is double the size of the first one; measuring approximately 1.8cm and is located at my uterus lining. We asked Dr. Edmund why it came back and he said there's a 10% reoccurrence.

Before we could even dwell further, the nurse quietly put a pregnancy test strip on the table. It has 2 visible red lines. Both Hb and I thought nothing of it. When Dr. Edmund said I am pregnant, we were still feeling blur about it. We were like "Pregnant? But I just got my period and as a matter of fact, am still bleeding?!". In May, my period came on the 16th. In June, my period was 4 days late and I've been bleeding for 13 days in a row! The doctor then said that there are 2 possible reasons for this: either the polyp has been bleeding or my vaginal could be bleeding due to the pregnancy.

This meant that the so-called period I had was not really period! He did a quick count and said that I am ~6 weeks pregnant. I asked if I should feel happy now and he said to hang on cos the embryo will be fighting for nutrients with the polyp. And any form of bleeding during pregnancy has to be treated with care. With that, he gave me a week of Duphaston to protect my pregnancy and I was to return a week later for a check up.

The past few days, I've been googling and searching forums for women like me, who is pregnant but experience no symptoms at all. No morning sickness, no frequent urination, no sore breasts. So much so that I wonder if the pregnancy strip was accurate. Am kinda worried for my baby. Next visit, hopefully baby's still there with a STRONG HEARTBEAT! Supposed that's when the reality of pregnancy will kick in. Fingers crossed!

On a separate note, going back to Dr. Edmund Lai was the best decision ever. Last year, I decided to try out a female doctor and therefore visited this gynae in Taman Desa Medical. She was so rough and I was in so much pain. The horrific experience left me fearing visits to gynae. Thank gawd Dr. Edmund was gentle.


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