Post Delivery

This pregnant photo was taken right before I was asked to quickly put on the hospital gown and subsequently wheeled into the OT for a c-sec.

Come to think of it, my experience was kinda weird. I thought the minute babies are born, they are put on their mommies' chest for immediate skin-to-skin contact and for first round of breastfeeding? None of that happened for me. The minute Lil E was pulled out of my abdomen, the nurse quickly grabbed the crying and screaming Lil E to the small station at the corner of the OT to clean him up. Thereafter, he was brought to my side for me to have a glimpse of him before being quickly whisked out of the OT for assessments. I delivered Lil E around 3-ish and only got to see him at night!

Here's our first family portrait together. But ahem, no one is looking at the camera. And I seriously looked like shit and felt even more like shit. Am on morphine as pain killers. The pain from the c-sec is slowly but surely kicking in. And after the nurses came and massaged my uterus to ensure that it contracts, I can't even move my body or clear my throat for it aches terribly when I do so.

The nurses brought Lil E in to be breastfed. But because I could only lie on the bed stiffly, they had to help me carry Lil E in various positions to encourage him to latch. However, instead of latching on he just cried and cried and cried. :(

Then, my BFF came and visited me with her daughters. So touched la. Never expect to have any guests aside from my family.

And then my childhood friend came his pregnant wife too! 5 days after this photo was taken, the wife delivered a baby girl. Hehehe...

My family of course! My mommy looked so touched, I thought she would break out in tears anytime! And if she does, I'm sure I would follow suit too. Mommy cooked me food but because I have not peed, pooped nor farted, nurse said I can't eat anything. :(

19-Oct was such a happy, touching and memorable day! Welcome Lil E! :)


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