CNY: Chor Yee

One good thing bout CNY has got to be the fact that there is a high possibility of one meeting some long lost relatives... "Nin Chor Yee" (second day of CNY) has always been the day we visit my grandmother.

That was where we met my "ah kim" (the one with specs)... my mother's sister-in-law who remarried some 20 years ago.

I also met my cousin sister whom I have not been in contact with for at least 5 years since she got married...

After that I visited Alan's family in Kuala Selangor. The minute I walked into the house, the sister greeted me enthusiastically and somewhat shoved an "ang pau" in my hand with a huge smile. She then went out of her way to be extra courteous to me throughout the entire day...

One thing bout my bf's family... come CNY, young or old... they will gather around in a big circle for a round of Black Jack... which I too participated. After 4 hours... I only won 10 bucks... which come to think of it, was quite a waste of time but at least I won something la... hehehee.

At the end of the day, when it was time to bid everyone goodbye, the sister "self-invited" herself to my house under the pretext that she wanted to visit my parents with her husband (I missed her wedding last year as I promised myself I'd stay away from her for as long as required). Since she said it in front of her parents and siblings, I couldn't say no...

And that was what happened in Chor Yee... the second day of CNY :)


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