Bali: Food

Warning: Tidak halal...

The food in Bali was not too bad for Alan and I. Alan cos he's super duper fussy and me cos I have got a lousy stomach.

One thing for sure, their "mee goreng" and "maggie goreng" was absolutely yummy! Not too salty and yet full of flavours! So unlike what we have here...

I also had a taste of the Balinese "Mi Kangkung" which was somewhat similar to our "Pan Min" here but again much richer in flavour.

But the meal that I enjoyed the most has got to be "Nasi Babi Guling". Mind you, not just any "Nasi Babi Guling" but THE "Nasi Babi Guling" by Ibu Oka in Ubud!

It is where the whole pig is proudly displayed at the front of the shop:

For pork lovers, you can't say you've been to Bali if you've not tasted the "Nasi Babi Guling". Try it, it is highly recommended:

But be warned... Stay away from this place if you don't like pork cos that's all they serve! Poor Alan has got nothing to eat cos he doesn't eat pork. Me on the other hand had 2 plates cos he took a bite of the pork slices and immediately gave me this look. Hehehehe...

I lurve Bali!


September 13, 2008 at 9:58 AM Je5sie said...

Hahahaa... I can absolutely FEEL Bro Alan's PAIN... looking at the big pile of pork in front of him..

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