Coming Soon!!!

Dropped by Setia Alam Welcome Center last Saturday to ask about VP for Garcinia cos the final 5% was already paid out to developer which meant that everything's done! Was referred to the Real Estate department. So happy when the nice lady said "Oh Garcinia, very soon di... another 2 - 3 weeks! If can't make it this month, it will definitely be next month!"

How exciting!!! Here are the steps... roughly...:
:: VP
:: Inspect house & submit defects
:: Begin schematic drawings for reno
:: Defects works
:: Reno
:: Move in!!!

Aim to move in by December since brother is getting married in January next year (which reminds me, his RoM is this Friday 22-Jun-2012, my baby brother is finally getting married). :))

Life is so good! Thank you, thank you!!!


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