i.P.h.o.n.e 5

As always when i.P.h.o.n.e begins selling in Malaysia, telcos frantically rush to launch it first. M.a.x.i.s as always have their midnight launch. This time round the launch was on 13-December-2012 i.e. 14-December-2012 morning at CapSquare. I went to the launch event as a Corporate customer with my friend.

At 12 sharp, it was already our turn to collect our phones. I bought 2 units:
  • 1 for myself (64GB White) - signed up for iValue 2 RM155 for 1 year i.e. RRP RM2,799 but got the phone for RM2,249.00
  • 1 more for my father as his belated birthday present (32GB Black) - signed up for iValue 1 for 1 year i.e. RRP RM2,499 but got the phone for RM2,049.00
  • Total Paid: RM4,298.00

My friend bought 6 units on behalf of her god father!
  • All 64GB, 3 White, 3 Black - outright purchase of RM2,799 each i.e. RM16,794.00
  • When they swiped her credit card, first time it was rejected. So she asked for the amount to be split. RM10,000 + RM6,794. RM10,000 transaction went through. But then the second transaction was rejected. So she called the bank and they were confused and all. In the end, I swiped the balance transaction for her. Banks can be so thick at times with their stupid policies...
I love attending i.P.h.o.n.e launches. This is the 2nd one I attended after I left. Met so many ex-colleagues and ex-bosses and had a great time catching up! Only thing is that everyone said I looked better and fleshier... so ermmm... I think they were trying to tell me politely that I am "bulat". To be honest I am not sure if my face is swollen from water retention or if I have sememangnya gained weight... hmmm...

The best part about attending the event as a Corporate customer is that we don't have to queue. There is a special hall where there are performances, free flow of drinks (beer and soft drinks - last year there were even red wine and champagne!) and free food (by Modesto's). All we needed to do was to take a number and indicate which phone we want (in terms of colours and capacity) and that's it. We're free to roam around until it is our turn.

So thanks to M.a.x.i.s, I now have my beloved iPhone 5 with me!!! Am I happy with the phone? Well, it is thinner, lighter, faster and clearer in terms of display when compared to iPhone 4. But in actual fact, it works the same. Wonder how long I'll continue being an Apple sucker. Hehehe... next in wishlist, an iPad Mini... waiting for the cellular version to be released!!! :)


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