Bad Timing

Damn 'talak syiok' today after a conversation with my boss:
  • Boss: Are you on leave on Monday?
  • Me: Ya... going off to Phuket this Saturday... coming back on Wednesday...
  • Boss: Aiyar...!
  • Me: Why? Why? Anything urgent?
  • Boss: Nola, I wanted to send you to this training in Singapore
  • Me: Oh! When? What sort of training?
  • Boss: On Monday. It's to meet up with this marketing 'guru' whom I worked with before. If he says he's no.2, nobody in the world can claim no.1
  • Me: O_o really ar? So how? Do you need me to fly from Phuket to Singapore on Monday? I can la if it's required
  • Boss: *Pondered for awhile* Nola, if you're on leave, you should enjoy your leave. Don't worry bout it. Find you other trainings to attend

Nabeh ah... after his introduction on that 'guru' of his, I was so tempted to cancel my trip... but then of course it's too late now that everything's been paid... Sigh... Then next thing I know, my other colleague was asked to attend on my behalf.

So you see... never get to go on leave also sad. Finally get to also on leave also sad. What the fuck man!


January 30, 2007 at 5:51 AM Colin T. said...

take me! take me! i wanna go!

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