D Year Tat Was

Now that 2007 is here and 2006 is fast becoming a thing of the past, it's a good time to reflect on some of the significant things that happened in my life last year:

The good stuff:

New hairstyle
I permed my hair for the first time after years of keeping long straight hair. The result? Mixed remarks from friends and family – some said I looked like an auntie, some said I looked sexier and etc etc. In the end, out of sheer laziness, I straightened my hair. Why? Cos' after 6 months of goo-ing and twirling my hair into shape every damn morning, I figured I had enough.

Every year, I told myself that I would do something drastic and in 2006, it was the Lasik surgery that I opted for to correct my eye sight. Although my eyesight is still not perfect now, I am already very happy with the fact that I don’t need to wear contact lens or specs anymore!

Beijing, Tian-Jin, Cheng-De
This year, I followed my parents to China and had the time of my life! Never did I expect China to be so beautiful and laaaaarge. Plus, the other tour members were kind and friendly that even after the trip, we continued to meet up for coffee and chat.

In my quest to lead a healthier life, I signed up for Yoga. Why Yoga? I supposed it’s because I can’t run very fast or jump very high. Neither am I adventurous enough to do jungle trekking nor mountain climbing. The only so-called sport that I am into is swimming but that too is only for fun and by that I meant it usually only happens once a year. So I guess the fact that Yoga is practiced at a slow pace suits me just fine.

Additional moolah
My company gave me an ad hoc increment of ~30%. This item was nearly categorized under the “not so good stuff” as I was promised the increment in July but it was only officially confirmed in Dec. And the good thing is that, they’ll be backdating the increment.

Eczema cured… I think!
You will not believe this. When we visited China, we bought this cream called “Bao Fu Ling” from this medicine factory in Beijing. The demonstrator actually burnt himself with a burning hot iron rod and after applying the cream, there weren’t any marks or swell. So we bought 1 bottle cos’ the guy also said that the cream can be used for all types of skin-related problems. I’ve had eczema every since I was little and even doctors claimed that the only way to cure my problem is to undergo a surgery to cut off one of the veins (located under my armpit) to correct my hyperactive sweat glands on my palms. But boy oh boy, ever since I applied the cream, my hands had barely itched! Even when I tried washing and cleaning (am also very allergic to detergents). So I guess, this is truly a miracle cream that ended my looong suffering.

The not so good stuff:

Last year started off rather badly as I was involved in this huge argument with my boyfriend’s sister. It was so bad that I nearly broke up with my boyfriend of 9 years. Although his father apologized and asked for me to ignore his “mad” daughter, things were no longer the same between us.

I was hospitalized for the first time in my life. Checked myself into Sunway Medical when I suffered serious headaches. In the end, after a series of tests and scans, doctor’s verdict was that I had tension headache (if untreated, could lead to migraine). His advise then was for me to learn how to relax. After being on medication for 4 miserable months, am happy to say that though I still have headaches sometimes, it wasn’t as bad as before.

This year, one of my best friends at work resigned for good to be married off to LA. Although I was very happy and excited for her, I was also very sad for I’ve known this person for more than 6 years and had been through thick and thin together! But this taught me a valuable lesson that friends come and go given circumstances…

Car Fixes
My car was nearly stolen. The rubber tubes on the driver’s side for both front and back were removed but it was a good thing that it wasn’t completely stolen. This year, I also banged into a big black dog. But it was the side of my door that was dented not the bumper so I guess that meant that the dog rammed into my car instead of me banging it.

Looking back, the year had been pretty eventful although I must say it wasn’t one of my best years… in fact, it suffice to say that it was one of the worst years thus far. Anyway, back to the present 2007… This year is supposedly a superb year for us SHEEP. In fact, SHEEP rank no.1 in terms of luck and fortune! So hehehe, GOODBYE 2006 and HELLO 2007!!!


January 19, 2007 at 8:54 PM "maemee" said...

well, u know the chinese saying that says: "ka ka yau bun nan nin dik keng" - it means, things may not seemed as rosy as it does on the outside. there are plenty of shits involved for the kind of moolah i get. sigh.

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