Cheng De: Public Toilets

Here's an update on the trip to China but specifically on Public Toilets.

Now, when I was in Beijing, the toilets weren't too bad - in fact I would say it's OK by Malaysian's standard (go figure what that standard is... hehe). But then when I went to Cheng De, I saw something that made me ran like a dog with its tail between its legs!

I was at Cheng De, at this temple called "Potala Kung" a smaller version of the temple they have in Tibet (I was told). So anyway, it was like -5 degree (damn cold) and I had this urge to pee. But since I had to take many steps of stairs to reach the temple at the top of a hill, I had to hold on... for the toilet was located near the entrance. By the time I made my way down, I was dying for a release...

So there was this woman who "kindly" volunteered to walk me to the loo cos she was also making her way there. I remembered thinking to myself "Wah, so friendly one the people here... not bad not bad".

As I was limping (had problem with my knee cap), the woman reached the toilet first. And when I walked in, the first thing I saw was this WOMAN, STANDING facing out, with the door OPENED... PEEING!!!

Now this is definitely a rare sight... I mean...
  1. How could you pee standing up when you're a woman??? Wouldn't the side of your thighs and legs be wet???
  2. How could you even pee without closing the door??? Is it airier with the door opened? But it's fucking -5 degree! How much airier does it need to be???
  3. How could you even continue to pee when a stranger is staring at the mass of your black errr... jungle? Urghhhhh...

The sight was so sickening that for a moment, I forgot that I had to pee. Hehe... Here's an illustration of the rare sight:


January 20, 2007 at 10:42 AM Jessie said...

Mwahaha...your orang lidi so funny!! I couldnt imagine what would I do, maybe I'll scream. haha. How old is the lady? If she's old maybe can understand, but if she's young...???

January 21, 2007 at 6:27 PM raymond said...

i'll be more happy if that's a young woman and plus it's a unisex toilet! hahaha! but if it's an old woman, i will just turn my back facing her and pangsai on the spot.

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