No = Yes?

I was on leave yesterday when my bro sent me an SMS about the petrol price increase... Adamant that it was just a rumour... I told him that it was reported in the newspaper that very morning that the next increase would be in August... It's only June now... how can it be?

He then proceeded to send me more evidence... from NST, from Sin Chew and from Malaysia Kini... hehehehe... By the time I was convinced that it is true, the jam was already horrific at all roads leading to petrol stations!!! I for one sat in a jam for nearly 30min! Since the cars barely inched... I decided to u-turn home with a half full tank... :(

That night my friend called and mentioned "Niamah" (Patrick Teoh's blog) bout how Mr. B always say no only to mean yes a little later...
  • Like how he said he won't remarry - but he did a few months later
  • Like how he said election won't be so soon - but parliament was dissolved the following day
  • Like how he said next petrol increase won't be so soon - but it happened that same night!

Morale of the story? No = Yes...

But then again, he also said he won't resign from BN right??? :P


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