Appreciative? Nahhh!

Our company hit an important milestone this year... XXm subs... So as a reward to their 3K plus staffs, they decided to get everyone a watch... A watch that looked like an Omega but needless to say... with 3K employees... the watches came from China... kekeke...

Instead of being appreciative, everyone has loads to complain about... me included...

To me, though the gesture was nice, thought that it would have been better if something more practical was given to us like a pen for instance, or a personalized filo-fax or cashhh... But nothing beats what some of my colleagues said bout the watches:

Water Resistant
  • A: It's water resistant you know...
  • B: Really? How do you know? How deep?
  • A: 5cm
  • B: >_<

GPS Tracker

  • A: Don't peel off the protective plastic!
  • B: Why?
  • A: There's a GPS tracker in there... once you peel off the sticker, it'll be activated. Then the management will always know where you are...
  • B: O_o

Hearing Bug

  • A: Shhh... don't talk so loud near the watch...
  • B: Why?
  • A: There's a bug in there somewhere... that way, the management will be able to hear all our conversations and our corridor talks!
  • B: T_T

Psychotic or not? Hehehehe...


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