Went and see doctor today. I had this 2 black patches on both sides of my arms. Initially it was faint like and can barely be seen. But after awhile, the patches grew bigger and the colour went from faint brown to dark brown. From untrained eyes, it looked somewhat burnt.

Fortunately, the doctor said that it was just a type of fungal infection / rashes and that it should go away in a week or so after applying the cream she prescribed.

Out of curiosity, I google-ed fungal infections and found this: Tinea Versicolor

This is a yeast type of skin fungus found on normal skin. If the skin is oily, warm and moist enough, it starts to grow into small "colonies" on the surface of the skin. In these colonies the yeast grows quickly and leaks out an acidic bleach, which changes the skin color. The patches are lightly reddish brown on very pale skin but they don't tan. Because of lack of any tanning, they look like white spots on darker or tanned skin. This is most often seen on the neck, upper chest, upper arms and back. There may be a fine, dry scale on it. Typically the white patches remains for months after the rest of the rash has disappeared.

  • This is seen as oval, or round patches on the upper arms and neck, and in children it may be seen on the face. It affects both men and women, and is common in young adults and in seniors.
  • It is common in the tropics.
  • Looks fine and branny (brown /powdery) and scale upon scratching the skin. The patches tend to join together in the centre.
  • The rash can be brown, red or white hence the name "versicolor".
  • On occasion, especially in young women, small red bumps or pus spots develop on the upper body, neck and sometimes the face.

Thank god mine was just on my arms... and not my FACE! Phew...


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