Labour Intensive

It was kinda funny... when we nailed down what needs to be done to complete the bridal room in Kuala Selangor, the works seemed minimal (as in the least we could do) and fairly quick and easy. Afterall, our tasks were broken into 2 categories... shopping related and labour related...

The shopping part was easy peasy... and we're pretty much on track:

New Furniture
  • [DONE] Bed frame with headboard
  • [DONE] Mattress
  • [DONE] Bed side tables
  • [DONE] Aussino Mattress Protector
  • [WIP] Bedsheet
New Lighting / Deco Stuff
  • [DONE] Baby fan with lights
  • [DONE] Switches casing
  • [WIP] Side table lamps
  • [WIP] Curtains
  • [WIP] Toilet door
  • [WIP] Full length mirror
  • [WIP] Carpet
But when it came to the labour related portion, we totally underestimated the amount of work required. The wiring guy came yesterday with one of his staffs... and our brief to him was simple (or so we thought)...
  1. To move the air-cond to make way for the built up wardrobe
  2. To remove the existing fan and fluoroscent light and replace with our new baby fan with lights
  3. To pull new plug points where the side tables are for lamps & phone charger
  4. To conceal all wires within the wall...
Point no. 1... he can't move the air-cond for us (we need to call another air-cond fella to move it) but he can pull all the wiring to where we wanted...Point no. 2 and 3 was pretty ok... But point no. 4 was a KILLER!!! To conceal all wires, they needed to DRILL and DRILL and DRILL... between the 2 of them, they took turns drilling like mad in our master bedroom, the 2nd room (OWLoon wants to install air-cond cos for the next few months while we work on the bridal room, he will need to sleep in the 2nd room) and the living room. When they were done drilling, the ENTIRE house was covered in a layer of white "snow"...

After that they took turns hammering the wires into the walls they drilled earlier... so lots of knocking and banging... then came the patching work to conceal the holes they drilled... When they were done (some 6 HOURS later)... the ENTIRE house was covered not just with the layer of "snow" but with cements as well!!!

The cleaning work was MASSIVE after that... We only managed to clean both rooms before OWLoon called for help. As much as we would like to do it ourselves, it was very very tiring... Thank god his mom cleaned the living room while I wiped and vacuumed the rest of the furniture...

BUT guess what? The air-cond guy is coming this week and there will be another round of DRILLING and PATCHING works to be done!!! Am just so glad that I'd be in KL... working... LoL...

Though the carpentry work after this won't be as dirty, it  is the painting work that we're worried about... tsk tsk tsk... another round of massive cleaning! Never ever take things for granted... my current house has no visible wires at all and I have not for once thought about the works required to do so... But now I do...


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