Bed Installation

The bed installation ceremony or "On Chong" in our Bridal Room was scheduled on 03-December-2009; several days before our Actual Day on 06-December-2009. That morning, my family (my parents along with my uncle & auntie) accompanied me to Kuala Selangor; where OWLoon and my Bridal Room is (our weekend home in Kuala Selangor).

[Clockwise. From Top Left to Right to Bottom Right to Left]

Prior to the "On Chong" ceremony, OWLoon and I spent like several months trying to get our Bridal Room ready. After installing our air cond and baby fan, painting for the entire house started. Then the wardrobe guys came to install our built in wardrobe... Furniture was then delivered... and additional furnishing were added like curtains, carpets, bedside lamps and full length mirror.

The entire bed installation ceremony is to be completed anytime between 11am and 1pm. So first thing first, my parents fitted the bed with the brand new mattress and pillows protectors, bedsheet, pillow & bolster cases along with a box of "lingzhi-bai-he" on the bed.

Then came the time to decorate the entire room with Double Happiness symbols... on the master bedroom room door, on the wardrobe door, on the walls, on our full length mirror, on our console table and even the bedside drawers. The mandatory props from the Bethotral / "Guo Dai Lei" were also placed in the room for example the basin, mug, cup etc, the rice bowls set on the console, the red bedside lamps etc etc.

Here's how our Bridal Room looks like... :-)

Since this is the weekend home which only OWLoon and I will live in, the decorations also spreaded to other parts of the house... like how our wedding photos were everywhere, and that almost everything around is in red... curtains, sofa pillows, table cloth etc. Additional deco items were also added by OWLoon to somewhat transform his bachelor pad into a lovely, homely home for us...

And with that, the ceremony was completed... within the stipulated time too thanks to my parents, uncle and auntie. Next would be the Actual Day di... :-)


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