Oriental Pavilion

Last Sunday (November 23, 2008), OWLoon fetched my parents and I to Oriental Pavilion (OP) to place our deposits. Yes! After much considerations and deliberations... we've finally made up our minds... Below are some of the rationale behind the selection:

  • OP is located in Section 13... to be precise, it is just opposite Jaya Supermarket (the building in blue), thus it should be quite accessible
  • Secondly, because it is located in Jaya 33 - a shopping mall... there are ample parking spaces... even if it rains, it is ok
  • Thirdly, also because it is located within a shopping mall, guests who come early can have a drink at Coffee Bean or even walk around prior to the start of the dinner

  • Since I have to have the dinner at a restaurant and not a hotel (cos of the food... remember?)... OP is kinda unique given that the interior looks rather modern and cosy... unlike a typical Chinese restaurant - check out the photos below
  • Besides, since we are only gonna host 30 tables, OP allows us to take the entire main hall without having to share with others... Even if we have to share, the other hall could only accommodate 15 tables and is separated by a wood partition (other restaurants I went to uses curtains to separate the different dinners)


  • The other deciding factor was the shape of the hall... The previous shortlisted one (Ming Cuisine) was rectangular in shape and thus, the hall was a tad too long for comfort...
    • Guests at the back will not be able to view the stage clearly... and will most likely be in a world of their own... (low engagement)
    • Because the hall is rectangular in shape, there will only be 2 rows of tables... i.e. 15 tables on each side... thus - from a seating arrangement stand point - it's kinda hard to decide who sits where as there are limited "front" seats...
    • The hall in OP is square in shape and thus, from an engagement stand point, it should be cosier and easier for us to walk from tables to tables...
  • The entire OP is carpeted (absorbs noise) vs. Ming Cuisine that uses tiles...
  • And uses warm colours with good lighting... vs. Ming Cuisine that was totally white (could potentially look a bit "cold")

  • The hall also comes with 1 projector screen and 4 plasma TVs...
  • Also has a ready made doughnut that can be customized to Bride & Groom's names... (altho' I personally think that the doughnut looked kinda weird)...

So with that... have completed one of the most important thing in the checklist... wedding dinner venue... Now, we just have to figure out where to host the dinner in Kuala Selangor (OWLoon's hometown).


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