Money Not Enough

When we first started the Bridal Room project, we said we'd do the bare minimal since our place in KL will be ready next year... likely in March... And believe me, we really did... At every opportunity, we tried to save money... like the bed for instance... instead of a King-sized bed, we went for a Queen-sized one, went for clearance and warehouse sale to get discounted items, buy direct from factories etc etc. But guess what, try as we might... we've still spent over 10K... So the next time if you hear others grumbling that our money is worth so much lesser these days than before, IT'S TRUE!!! No wonder they have movies called "Money Not Enough" part 1 and 2!!!

YTD Total Spent: RM 12,085.80

The breakdown of the cost spent to renovate the bridal room and the adjoining bathroom is as follows:

Bed Set
RM 01,280.00 Bed with Headboard
RM 01,680.00 Silent Night Posture Firm Mattress
RM 00,540.00 Bedside Table x 2
RM 00,800.00 Dressing Table / Console
RM 00,189.00 Aussino Mattress & Pillow Protector (Sale)
RM 00,079.90 Gingko Pillow x 2 (Warehouse Sale)

RM 00,305.00 Baby Fan with Lights (Clearance Sale)
RM 00,159.90 Table Lamps x 2 (Clearance Sale)
RM 00,331.00 Sockets x 2 and Switches x 4

RM 00,479.00 Macy French Pleat Curtains
RM 00,024.00 Curtains Track & Hooks
RM 00,000.00 Carpet (Wedding Gift)
RM 00,330.00 Full Length Mirror

Paint Works
RM 03,500.00 Paint and Paint Works

RM 01,100.00 Air-Cond Move & Re-wiring

RM 00,135.00 Floor Tiles (Direct from Factory)
RM 00,550.00 Toilet Bowl (Direct from Factory)
RM 00,200.00 Sink (Direct from Factory)
RM 00,135.00 Tap Heads
RM 00,180.00 Hose & Workmanship
RM 00,088.00 Mirror & Brush Holder

RM 00,000.00 Wardrobe & Box Up (Wedding Gift)

Have yet to receive the bill from the wiring man yet for concealing all the wires in the house, installing our lights and changing all the switches casing and socket. Estimated cost about RM 01,00.00.

Then again, no complains... I love our Bridal Room and I think it's PRICELESS!!!


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