Renovation Completed

This is the first time OWLoon and I are involved in a renovation project together and the said project involves our Bridal Room in Kuala Selangor (given that our place in KL is not ready yet).

It all started with a sketch after a round of measurements taking:

Followed by further illustrations with colours as we needed to decide on paint colours and furniture colours.

Then the following renovation works began:

  • New plug points and socket / casing change
  • Conceal all wires into wall
  • Remove previous ceiling fan and fluoroscent light
  • Replace with new baby fan with lights
Air Cond Move
  • We also had to move the air cond to make way for the built up wardrobe
  • That involves another round of drilling to hide the hose of the air cond
Carpentry Works
  • Wood panels as a frame for the built up wardrobe
  • Additional wood panel below the window so that the bed headboard is not directly below the portruding window frame
Painting Works
  • New paint for the bridal room as well as the entire house
Installation of Wardrobe
  • Then the guys delivered the custom made wardrobe and installed it on the spot
And walla, the room renovation was completed...

And yesterday, the furniture was delivered...

What's left now is the beautification of the room...
>> Curtains
>> Table Lamps
>> Floor Mat
>> Laundry Basket
>> Runners
>> Hangers
>> Full Length Mirror

Life is beautiful... but guess what... the above alone was already above RM10K... which was OWLoon's initial budget... Honestly, we're hopeless when it comes to sticking to budget...


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