Auntie No More

To be honest, I have been letting myself go ever since I got married. Prior to the wedding, I have facials every 2 weeks, ampoules 3 times a week, watch my diet, go for manicure n pedicure, trim and treat my hair... and a whole long list of vanity stuffs.

But then after the wedding, it is just so easy to get comfortable and let loose. I am now 3kg heavier than during my wedding. I can't remember when was the last time I did something to my hair nor the last time I had facial. Forget manicure an pedicure cos' I stopped going out altogether.

Every other week, we have to rush back to our weekend home. Then when I'm home, I have to sweep la mop la disinfect la wash dishes la and the list just goes on and on. I usually try to finish the heavier chores on Friday nights so that we can chillax on Saturdays and Sundays.

And the thing is that, when you're so comfortable in settling down in a routine, it's really really easy to let loose! Hb has never complaint before but then I thought I really ought to like take care of myself. Afterall it's not as though I'm an old auntie or anything like that. So why behave like one right?

So ya...

I will go get a nice haircut and rebond this wild mane of mine.

I will start watching my diet.

I will put on a bit more effort on my make up.

I will not wear my pyjamas every weekend just becos' I'm in KS.

I will start my facial regime again.

I will be pretty again!!! I will and I must!!! WTF man!!!

Watch me do it! :-)

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