Lizzy Loo

The day before yesterday; at my weekend home back in KS, I had this really close encounter with a bigass lizard! It happened when I was in the loo. When I got up to flush, I saw this huge lizard on the toilet seat staring at me in shock for several seconds before scrambling to scoot out of sight. The lizard was so fat and gigantic that I think I was more afraid of it than it was of me. Worst still, I think I may have sat on it without realizing!!!

What happened next was brutal. I grabbed hold of a can of "Sheltox" and sprayed at it until it fell on the floor. Then continued spraying (and nearly killed myself in the process) and locked the toilet door.

15min later...
I saw the tail first. Then looked everywhere only to find the "deflated" lizard struggling to breathe at the corner of the bathroom. Wasting no time, I picked it up with a bundle of tissues and flushed it down the loo!!! Boy, was that satisfying!!!

I hate lizards! They leave messy poo everywhere!!! So there, goodbye lizzy!


August 9, 2010 at 2:36 AM ©NutDave® (大卫) said...

u use the shieldtox for lizzy or the normal wan ar?

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