2007 Recap

Today is the last day of 2007... what better day than today to do a roundup / recap of the entire year right? So here goes...

P.S. Click on the links should you wish to read up more on the topics... Happy New Year!!!

New Leaf
Every aspect of my life changed for the better ever since I read the book called (The Secret by Rhonda Byrne)

  • I began thinking positively in everything that I do.
  • Eventually, I believed law of attraction took place...
  • So much so that 2007 was nothing but FULL of gooooooood news (or maybe it was the way I chose to see them)!

I was very fortunate to be able to visit 4 different countries this year.

Work Wise
I also started gaining a bit more recognition at work.
  • In March, I finally got the ad hoc increment (above and beyond the yearly adjustment) that was promised to me 9 months ago.
  • In July, I was promised a promotion (which ahem, till now I have not gotten but was assured that it is on the way... Perhaps I should wait for 9 months before making any noise just like the increment incident???).
  • In August, I was given a formal headcount for the first time...
  • In December, my boss evaluated me fairly in my yearly assessment..

I also started having more and more good news that calls for celebrations!

  • In April, I got my first property; (Kuchai Avenue 2) a service apartment.
  • In July, I received an unexpected sum of moolah from the privatization of my company.
  • In August, I met (Gwen Stefani) up close and personal for the concert I organized in Malaysia.
Material Gains
Personally, I like to buy things... i.e. shop... but I've always been a gadget person. So this year, I told myself that I should perhaps shift my focus a little and start accumulating bagsssss instead...
I also developed a series of new friendships this year which wouldn't be possible had I not read the book cos I wouldn't even open myself up for any relationships with anyone from work before this... So... I'm glad I did after reading the book... :)
  • "A": Got close when we worked on a festival earlier in March. Now I know that if I ever decide to go Hong Kong, I can bunk in at his place...
  • "J" & "S": The cute couple who is always lovey dovey unless of course when they are driving... they'll then be bickering non-stop (albeit in a cute manner)... This is a couple that I must introduce to my bf... cos really, they are both really nice and genuine people...
  • "C" & "C": My uncle and aunty at work... (who are coincidentally boars) without them, life would be boring... Special thanks to them too for all their wise advise and more importantly, their friendship...
  • The list is non-exhaustive but the above are the few people who left a stronger impact on my life... (positive ones of course... hehehe)
So what have I learnt in 2007?
  • Astrology predictions that Sheep ranked no.1 is absolutely true (next year will apparently be a tough year for Sheeps... sob sob)
  • Power of positive thinking in unveiling all things good in life (which I will need to remind myself to practice everyday in 2008)


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