Phuket: Night Life

The night life in Phuket was pretty much like Bangkok and Pattaya but somehow the quality of the shows weren't as good...

  • Take this A-Go-Go Bar I visited... although the women were dancing naked on bar tops (with poles)... the place was empty. Initially I didn't know why... then it striked me... the women were all kinda old... like mid 30s to early 40s... so needless to say, they are a little bit on the fleshie side... with sagging boobs... Level of enjoyment: 1/5

  • Then I visited this Ah Gua Pub with live performances. All the performers were of young boys aged between 18 - 25 (at max) and were all pretty cute... (though obviously gays/ah guas). All night long, they will mime to the pop songs and dance the different dances in their many many change of costumes. Level of enjoyment: 3/5. But it was also quite an experience for me as this was also my 1st time visiting an Ah Gua Pub... where males were openly affectionate to their other half (usually younger boys) and never before have I seen so many boys wearing nothing but just their underwear (with an obvious erection). At one particular segment, all the boys will go up on stage to slowly sway their bodies (no joke... really slow moves) and occasionally touch their private parts to prolong the erection... damn weird wei... and ohhh... they all have this number plate stuck onto their underwear in case you want them to join you at your table, you can tell the ah-gua head..

  • Then there was also Thai Boxing shows at night. Of the 3 pairs I watched... Pair no.1: Both were uncles in late 30s with big stomachs... Pair no.2: Super fit guys... Pair no.3: Super short guys... Quite the exciting also but after every round, the boxers will come around to shake your hand... I dumbly shook hands with one of the boxers and stared at him as he was watching me as though he was waiting for something to happen... Then out of no where, my friend gave him 20 baht and he walked off smiling... Sheesh... Level of enjoyment: 3/5

What I enjoyed most was drinking at the little huts near my hotel:

These are cute little huts with only about 10 - 15 chairs round the bar table. Apparently most of these huts were owned by ang moh men who chose to settle down in Thailand but are usually manned by Thai women...

Drinks are pretty cheap too... 60 baht for a bottle of Heineken or 150 babt for any cocktails. These huts also come equipped with stereo system with loud speakers, fans, TV, sink and a fridge. Very cozy... Here, I also learnt a new game:

This is basically a game where the ultimate aim is to have 4 coins in a row (whichever direction). Looks easy but can be pretty fun... and guess what? I won 100 baht from this game! HooHoo... Level of enjoyment: 5/5


February 2, 2007 at 9:15 AM Jessie said...

The Ah-gua pub seems so gross. lol. But that's a must-go place when visiting Thailand. The boxers, I wonder if they're boxing for real, or just a show for entertainment and for the 20 baht? Ya the huts look cool, and seems happening ya?

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