Pushing Too Hard

Wow... without realising, I've been diligently working at my laptop for the last 4 hours... and this mean that I'd only have another 3 hours to sleep prior to getting to work! Sigh... and I'm already having a headache.

You know, sometimes I do wonder if it's truly worth it to push ourselves to the limit ever so often. We do it all the time; be it conscious or sub-consciously:
  • When we were in school: Burning midnight oil for the exams, last minute rush to perfect our assignments / to complete it
  • When we are having a good time: Out partying / drinking / dancing / etc
  • When we are bored: Watching TV / surfing the net / etc
  • And finally at work: To beef up our slides with quali and quanti data, to meet deadlines, for presso, etc etc

Maybe it's just me... Perhaps I'm just bad at time management for I really think I have a miserable life. I find it extremely hard to balance work and play... It's either:

  • I work too hard on weekdays then come weekend, I'm all exhausted
  • But I've also tried reversing the cycle... tried to take it easy on weekdays and have yoga lessons... then when I realised I'm behind schedule, put in extra hours after work and even on weekends

So you see, either way I feel miserable! Sob sob.


February 6, 2007 at 5:01 PM cincailah said...

i also dunno la.. probably we're aging and the way we do things are much slower and our mind keep telling ourselves, streess stresss.. last time we study until next morning non stop we still go school and then still lepak until countless hours then go home back to same routine again and again seems ok...

February 7, 2007 at 4:10 AM Jessie said...

I believe live life to the fullest bah. If we didn't push hard, we wont appreciate the outcome much. Play hard, work hard. In the end, we won't regret there's many things did not accomplish. Tired? get married earlier and depend on hubby loo..hehe..jk!

February 7, 2007 at 7:46 AM "maemee" said...

for as long as i could remember, my dream has always been to be a rich tai-tai... hehehehehe...

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