Surviving Winter

Hmmmm... so damn bored... since I dunno what to talk about, I'll talk about myself... hehehehe... Here are some photos from my Beijing trip... and how I survived the bitter cold:

  • Initially the cold was bearable, so I only had my sweater on...

  • Then when the temperature dropped and I had to put on my jacket:
  • But after a while, my fingers were numb and the tip of my ears went red... so... I put on my hat, scarf, gloves and was all buttoned up:

  • When then the temperature went like 3 degree... and I had to put on my bubble jacket:

  • Then it went chilly and windy at one of the stops at Great Wall, I had to put on my hood:

  • Just as I thought I'd survived the worst of the winter... the temperature went below 0 degree and I ended up looking like (quoting my friends): 'Singa Betina', "EWOK' & 'Dumpling':

And did I mention that all these while I had my warmer (long johns beneath...) so can u imagine the number of layers I had to wear? Peeing was such a chore then, let alone pangsai... And almost everyday, I would sneeze out blood (but not a lot la, a bit bit only). So ya... really cannot imagine myself living through winter (shudder).

In fact it was so cold that I had difficulty walking and had to limp like an old lady as my knee cap was swollen and painful (pict when I was back home):

But all in all, it was a happy trip and was glad I didn't fall sick with fever etc. Well, that was how I survived the winter... And this year, the plan is to visit Shanghai... to experience a different degree of coldness (more to like torture myself)... hahaha!


February 5, 2007 at 8:48 PM cincailah said...

i think u blog this last time wor.. isnt it?

February 6, 2007 at 4:59 PM cincailah said...

no.. serious i did see all those photo before la.. really one lah...

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